In-Home Service

While we do provide in home service, some of repair work cannot be done in home and must be taken back to our shop. Examples of repairs that can be done in home are: DLP lamp replacements, DMD chip installs, resets and recalibrations. Most service calls to the Tallahassee area will cost an addtional $50.00(PLUS PARTS & LABOR) Please call for an exact price - where you live and the problem you are having may affect the trip charge. We will give you a quote for the trip charge before scheduling. The trip charge is due when we arrive. Please call with your television info to more accurate pricing. Trip fees includes:

  • Trip to the home for service
  • Written estimate
  • For TVs repaired : in home service on problems occuring during our warranty period of 90 days

Before you call:


Before you call to schedule and in-home service call,  be sure to have the following information:


  • Model and Serial Numbers: These are on commonly on the back of the set or on the side of many of the newer TVs.
The model and serial sticker highlighted in red
Flat panel TVs and DLP TVs have often have the sticker on the side, too.
  • The exact address of where the TV is located and any and all contact numbers for the person that will be home to let the technician in.


  • A clear description of the problem: What does it do or not do? Do any lights on the front come on or blink? Is there sound? The more info you can give us, the more likely we can fix it in your house.

Prices and calls outside Tallahasssee:


  • We will also go outside the Tallahassee area, but we do charge siginifcantly more for places more than a 30 minute drive from our store. Please call with your address for a quote.


Pickup and Delivery

  We provide in home repair service for common basic issues such as DLP lamp replacements, DMD chip installs, resets and recalibrations.Due to the time it takes and specialized tools required some tvs have to be taken  to the shop for a more acurate diagnosis. If you are unable to bring the TV into the shop, we do provide a pick-up service.we will give you an idea of the amount of the repair before picking up the tv from your home.

  • If you'd like to set up an appointment please give us a call and have your TV info ready, the address and other relevant info.
  • The price for an in-home advise or pick up  service is $50 for the Tallahassee area (within capital circle). We do service outside the Tallahassee area, please call us for pricing.
  • Payment is due when we arrive.